How To Leave A Relationship With Dignity And Compassion

//How To Leave A Relationship With Dignity And Compassion

How To Leave A Relationship With Dignity And Compassion

Maybe you’re leaving because it’s over for you and the other person is still deeply in love, maybe because you’ve found someone else or maybe you’re leaving because it’s just time. It doesn’t matter why you’re leaving. The question becomes, how do you leave so that both you have your dignity and so that the time you spend together is not washed away by anger, hurt and upset.

There’s no easy way to leave a relationship. Remember, you’ve been connected both intimately, emotionally and psychologically. When the relationship ends and you discover either you want to leave or your partner is leaving you, just is no easy way. People don’t leave because they want to break your heart or they didn’t love you. In fact, sometimes they leave because they do love you. Either they don’t see themselves growing or the relationship growing, it’s never easy to say it’s time for you to go. But trust me, you’d rather have someone leave the relationship than to stay there and not be there. A person can leave mentally, emotionally and physically. Today, we’re talking about the physical way, when you’re the one leaving.

Be Sure And Be Clear

Be sure and be clear within yourself that this is what you want to do. The worst thing you can do to leave a relationship is to go back and forth or to come in and out. When you determine or decide that you are leaving the relationship, get solid within yourself and understand your reasons for leaving so that you can communicate to the other person not 50 times but once. Speak clearly, cleanly and completely.

Make Sure You’re Ready

Make sure you are ready to leave emotionally, economically and physically. If you know that the time has come for you to leave a relationship, make sure that everything that you need is in order. One reason is because you don’t know how you partner is going to respond and they may ask you to depart sooner than you prepare to. So by the time you make an announcement, be prepared to go.

Tell The Truth

The other thing about ending a relationship is telling the truth and be with your feelings. If you’re leaving, let the person know that it’s not easy and if you’re the one being left, let them know how you feel but don’t make the other person responsible for what you’re feeling.

Be Willing To Listen

Be willing to hear the other person’s concerns. Be willing to meet your partner’s upset, not with guilt or shame, but with an open heart. There are so many times when one person is still holding on, the principle you have to practice in those times is compassion. For some reason, some people want to stay in a relationship even when it’s not working. But if you’re prepared to take that step to the other side, be compassionate.

When one relationship ends, it is such a wonderful opportunity to take a self inventory about how you were. But leaving or being left, you’re going to have a lot of difficulties. If you’re the one who’s got the courage, insight, willingness and readiness to say goodbye, honor yourself and do that in a way that honors the other person too.



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