7 Flirting Techniques To Make Him Fall For You

//7 Flirting Techniques To Make Him Fall For You

7 Flirting Techniques To Make Him Fall For You

How important is flirting? If you can’t flirt with a guy, it can be really hard to ever convince him that you’re into him. Flirting really is a must-learn skill.

Here are the seven flirting techniques that girls can apply today to get better results from your interactions with men immediately:


Embrace talking to him and smiling is a way to do that. Even if he’s sitting across the room or waiting at a certain place, look over and give a little subtle smile. It’s a cute and absolutely an effective way to flirt.

Sticky Eyes

How did it work? If you’re in a group setting, with friends or something and someone else is talking and you are having a conversation with this group of people, it’s a tip where you look at the guy you like and you don’t take your eyes on him even when somebody else is talking. But be careful when doing this. Just subtly look at him and when someone else starts talking, don’t look away, but be sure not to look creepy. If your body language is towards him, that’s a clear symbolic body interaction that shows him that you’re interested.

Compliment Him

Again, you have to be careful with this one because you don’t want to compliment him too much. Don’t be throwing out a compliment at him every five minutes because it’s going to look fake. This is something to do every once in a while to show him that you like something about him which is basically what a compliment is. Compliment his shirt, his shoes, his pants or whatever it is, find something nice to say. Make sure to say his name with the compliment to make it more sweet and personal.

Tease Him

Teasing him or making fun of him shows that you have a sense of humor. Throwing a little playful joke can break the ice immediately and it also shows that you’re fun to be with. Teasing him about having a girlfriend when you know he doesn’t have a girlfriend lets him know that you’re kind of jealous or interested which most guys find cute and attractive.

Touch Him

What I mean by touching him is find a way to connect your body with him. It could be a high five, a hug, a tap on his shoulder or anything. What this does is it’s going to familiarize your bodies with each other and will make you both more comfortable with each other.

Ask Him A Question

It can be kind of intimidating to just go up to somebody and be like “Hey! What’s up? You’re cute!” Start off small. You can go up to him and say “Hey, I like your shirt” or asking a question like “What was the homework again?” Start off basic and small, you’d be surprised how much can come out of just asking somebody something.

Show An Interest In What They Like

Start something either together or if you see that person that you have a crush on playing a game, reading a book or whatever it is they are doing, you could be a part of it. It’s a good way to flirt with him while showing your interest in their hobbies and favorite activities.


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