5 Post-Pregnancy Sex Positions For New Moms

//5 Post-Pregnancy Sex Positions For New Moms

5 Post-Pregnancy Sex Positions For New Moms

One thing about you needs to face as a new parent — your sex life won’t be the same again after giving birth. It can be quite difficult to allot time (as well as energy) for your intimate moments and sexy times become babysitting hours.

We can never blame our new moms for this. Experts mentioned that they usually experience hormonal fluctuations or discomforts, making them less attentive of post-pregnancy sex. On top of that, they have to spend more effort and time to the new infant which often robs their sleep.

Worry not because you just need to wait for several weeks. Once they’re back into the groove, you can start igniting your lovemaking session with the right post-pregnancy sex positions.


Good news for husbands out there! As per Katy Zvolerin, a licensed marriage and sex therapist, majority of women found out that their sexual craving is higher after having a baby. Test the waters by trying spooning.

Ideal choice for moms who’d like to take thing slowly, spooning offers the most comfortable sex position after childbirth. Aside from that, side-lying eliminates the pressure from the lower back.

Female on top

Do you want to get more control? Then, go for female on top position. It’s the best option to wake up your sexual fantasies because new mothers can control the depth as well as speed of intercourse. The position may also safeguard the scar and remove pressure, especially for those who just had their C-section.


Try missionary position to determine your level of comfort or pain while having sex. Do not forget to place pillow right under your bottom or lower back to make your session more comfortable.

However, Julia De Paolo, a certified pelvic floor physiotherapist warned on Maternal Goddess that this position isn’t advisable for moms recovering from their C-section.

Lazy Sex

On the other hand, if you’d like to be more adventurous, lazy sex will do. Just lay in an L-form along with your lover while he is on his side. This position enables minimal exertion and provides both of you a clitoral access.

Oral sex

Did you already tried several positions and moves and yet, you’re still not comfortable? If this is the case, maybe you need to give more time to recover and be completely healed. According to Mayo Clinic, at this stage you can depend on manual or oral simulation until you’re fully healed. After all, it won’t hurt you to try again the basics of intimacy and sex.

Whether your wife had a C-section or a normal vaginal delivery, post-pregnancy sex will differ from one person to another. Dana Rice, MD, an urologist emphasize that uncomfortable penetration may result to urethral and vaginal irritation. This is not what new mothers need.

Thus, if your previous position doesn’t make you feel good anymore after childbirth, try these above-mentioned positions. More importantly, equip yourself with more patience and love so you can both find a way on how to work things out.




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