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In the world of pornography, there’s never any shortage of content. Especially these days when everyone has either a Smartphone, tablet or some other electronic device from which to record. There are literally gazillions of hardcore porn videos found online today. Depending on your particular taste, you can find whatever it is that turns you on. Or helps to quell your sexual desires and curiosity. The fact that there is so much different type of porn to choose from, is what makes pornography great. A girl interested in lesbian sex can find hardcore porn videos showing girls performing oral sex on each other. In case a person wants to go deeper into the lesbian sex acts, one can look at lesbians girls doing pussy grinding.

The same applies to dozens of other categories which are very popular. They include mature, hentai, BBW, ebony, teen, MILF and a few others. Overall, most adult sites have millions of different hardcore porn videos to choose from. But, there are some which manage to get more attention than others. Whether it’s shares, comments or views, certain porn videos leave others behind when it comes to those stats. So why exactly does that happen? What makes certain hardcore porn videos more popular than others? There are several things to take into consideration when trying to answer this question.

First of all, the views and attention a particular kind of sex act, physical attribute, idea or body part receives, is what defines its ranking in porn. What that means is that the more combined attention a certain video receives, is what helps determine a genre’s popularity. For instance, a hardcore porn video of a girl with huge tits, goes towards that category. The same for one of a lesbian mature woman or Latina with a huge ass.  

The high number of shares, views and comments are also the driving force behind the amount of pornography you will find pertaining to that genre. After all, the porn industry will produce films according to what people are searching for, talking about and desiring to see. That’s why you find so many free porn videos featuring plus sized girls fucking, for instance. And performing every kind of sex act imaginable. The BBW genre has been trending substantially the past few years. The same can be said about the ‘step fantasy’ hardcore porn films. These deal with situations involving sex acts between step sisters, step moms or other siblings.

As of late, adult sites contain endless sex videos of hot step mothers fucking their step-son or step-daughter. It’s one of the reasons why the entire step family fantasy genre has been slowly rising to the top. One can also make the same argument about MILF or mature related pornography. People spend hours jerking off to hardcore porno movies of beautiful older women. Many have fantasies of having sex with mature women. In fact, dreaming about having sexual relations with older females is part of what drives this genre to the top ten. Some prefer much older women porno which is why you also find the granny porn category trending upwards as well.

At the same time, homemade porno films play a role in a genre’s popularity. After all, if the adult film producers do not make a particular porn video of what people want to see, individuals themselves will create them. It’s one of the reasons you find so many amateur porn recordings or homemade sex movies online today. Additionally, people out in the world may get into doing a certain sex act in front of the camera. As more individuals do it, the distinct act or body part, catches fire and becomes popular. There is little doubt that amateur porn content uploaded by people plays a key role in defining what trends adult categories take. Of course these hardcore porn videos must also get views, comments and shares. Those three things are what help tell the adult sites and porn industry, several things. First, how much the public is enjoying the particular content. Secondly, if the genre or topic is what people desire to see. And lastly, if they want to see more of it.

The same principle applied to hardcore porn videos is the one which applies to content found on social media. Or regular videos on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. This logic is simple to understand since the more enjoyable a topic is, the more time people will spend watching it. In the end, the individuals themselves are what help make certain porn genres and videos popular. This is exactly how it should be. Ultimately, the viewers are the ones who should be in control of the kind of pornography they end up seeing.